Developing your SMART Repair Services

With our Expertise!

Smart Repair Consultancy:-


We speak to many people on a daily basis who wish to implement Smart Repair into an existing business, start a new Smart Repair business setup or improve their existing Smart Repair offering.

One call to us and we can discuss your Smart Repair requirements from Smart Repair Training, Product and Equipment Supply to Installation advice we will work out the best package for you.

Smart Repair Product Training

(New products & techniques)

With so many  automotive products on the market today, it is very difficult to decide which is the correct product for you to use for Smart Repair setups. Climates and working conditions have a massive effect on the operational use of smart repair equipment and consumables, as well as the overall finish of the repair. Having worked and trained in countries from minus 10 degrees to over 45 degrees we understand fully the pit falls and problems that can arise when undertaking Smart Repairs in static and mobile situations.

Part of our Smart Repair offering is that we take a complete analysis of your business or working conditions to then insure that you start with the correct Smart Repair products from the start thus saving you time, money and importantly the ability to achieve a quality repair, giving your team and customers total satisfaction.


Smart Repair Sales Training

Like any business you require sales to achieve your goals. We understand this after working with many organisations and dealer groups, whereby we have delivered Smart Repair training seminars to service advisors that gives them the knowledge and understanding of Smart Repair which will allow them to confidently sell the repairs and increase the sites revenue using paint repair, dent repair, alloy wheel repair, Interior and glass repair.

This can be delivered in 2, 4 or 6 hour classroom based sessions that can be performed on site. 


We are very unique in the fact we have our own in house marketing team who can help you promote Smart repair in your organisation or company. Whether it is a simple leaflet promoting your paint, dent and wheel repair or a full blow corporate catalogue we can design and print in any language.

We are also able to design rear view mirror hanging cards, Incentive voucher designs, website pages and e commerce PDF’s for you to bulk send to your customers.

If you want to promote Smart repair then please talk to us.

Workforce Development

 We recognise that your Smart Repair business is only as good as the people you have working for it and that knowledge, training and support is key in success.

We often work with technicians and groups in the dealers giving advice, helpful hints and tips on Smart Repair as well as showing them how to become more efficient with every repair they undertake whether it be bumper and panel repair, dent repair and removal, alloy wheel refurbishment or interior repair.

Team work is a key factor in this, we encourage and show how the effect on individuals and the business dramatically improves.


Costs are key in any business and must be controlled, We show and advise on how to control these costs and implement an efficient ordering system for your smart repair products and consumables so that you not only never run out of stock but you don’t overstock leaving 100’s of pounds sitting on the shelf when it can be safe and sitting in the bank.

From a simple par level system to electronic ordering we are here to help improve your Smart Repair business and product consumption.

Health & Safety

HSE guidelines are forever evolving. It is essential to keep up to date with the legislation changes. Over the years we have seen many organisations forced to close down their operation due to poor practice, incorrect advice and understanding of any any new legislations.

We have worked with many organisations and independent HSE companies to advise and implement safe practices.

From helping with risk assessments, method statements and MSDS data sheets. We can deliver a un rivalled service whether it is as a one off assessment and report or as an on-going quarterly visit.

Your staffs health and well-being is extremely important, don’t get caught out!