Lechler Hydrofan is a third generation water based basecoat with high yield, easy application and safe utilisation to obtain solid, metallic and mica top coats when used with a compatible lacquer. It is a line composed of a ready to use basecoat and complementary products. Hydrofan basecoat is included in the innovative HYDRO bottle packaging with Lechler exclusive design for an easier, precise and rapid dosing of colours

Lechler Hydrofan paint is a quality paint system, very easy to use with a database of over 60,000 colours and updates readily available.

The Hydrofan paint system is fully compliant to the directive 2004/42/CE VOC.

Smart repairers like the system for its blending ability in very small areas.

With great coverage and colour matching, Lechler Hydrofan is a cost effective system to use.